So as mentioned previously our wedding is coming up soon. An important part of this is sharing it with our family and friends, but it’d be difficult to do this until they’re aware of the wedding and the particulars of the day. Thus invites were needed!   There are lots of different options for this. […]

Not very long ago I was given a new person to take care of, feed, and generally keep content. He became part of the family, Arya and I would wake in the morning for breakfast and say hello to him, stir him together and comment on how much he’d grown overnight whilst she smeared porridge […]

So the wedding is happening in May. By the wedding, I mean my wedding, Tom and I are getting round to unbastardising Arya and giving each other a shiny shiny ring to express our love. Quite a few different totals get bandied about when people start chatting about weddings, the average matrimonial day in the […]

This one was meant to be a Tom baking challenge, it really was. Enthused by the Great British Bake Off red nose day specials, and having some time off of work relaxing on a trip back to his cold icy homeland of ‘the north’ Tom was going to bake everyone a cake. A Mary Berry […]

Just a quick little post today, I’m supposedly organising a wedding between chasing the tiny feudal warlord around the flat. So I brought some dinosaur biscuit cutters a long long time ago now and didn’t quite get round to ever using them. It was high time that they got to see the world, so using […]

The end of the year and all the festivities it brings is drawing ever closer. Tiny elves scurry around the house with minute hammers and circuit boards trying to finish off the making of toys. Either that or we have mice again and the damp fumes from the downstairs flat are getting to me.   […]

Wow this has been delayed update hasn’t it? I could make all sort of excuses, but I guess life just got away from me. Which is annoying as this blog was started to stop that very fact. I’m 28, have spent the last year being pregnant, then having every second devoted to the care and […]